Update from Chartbeat: Coronavirus and our customers

The global spread of novel coronavirus has caused a rapid and massive shift in readers’ interaction with online information. That behavioral shift is also amounting to an exceptional increase in traffic across the Chartbeat network.

We have been keeping a close and cautious eye on these developments, and are proactively taking extra precautions and scaling our systems to provide consistent service. Some things we’re doing include:

  • Provisioning additional servers to handle increased traffic
  • Increasing our allocation of engineers to infrastructure maintenance
  • Increasing the monitoring of our infrastructure

Additionally, our technical teams will continue to actively monitor and troubleshoot any issues that arise as a consequence of these worldwide changes.

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To keep clients like you up to date, we’ll be updating our status page around the clock, so that’s where you should look first. And of course, our support team is available to diagnose and troubleshoot any issues you may experience.

Finally, we are waiving any overage fees in March due to the public-service nature of this high-volume traffic.

We know that during a time of increased attention to news, the intelligence provided by our product becomes more important to your work than ever. We’re committed to giving you the data you need.

Josh Schwartz
Chief of Product, Engineering, and Data Science

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