Our new-look Chartbeat Help and Docs: Everything you need to know

At Chartbeat, we want to ensure we’re continuing to build friendly software that content creators can use each day to form stronger connections with their audiences. Yet, when it came to helping our own users quickly find answers to all of their support and technical questions across our Chartbeat help and technical support sites, we saw room to be even friendlier.

That’s why we’re reintroducing Chartbeat’s support and documentation sites, now known as Chartbeat Help and Chartbeat Docs

Below, we’ll answer some of your burning questions and provide a behind-the-scenes look at how our Technical Solutions and Product Design teams built this new experience with Chartbeat users (along with anyone curious about Chartbeat) in mind.

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Chartbeat Docs: What’s new?

Let’s begin with our Chartbeat Docs site, a one-stop-shop for developer teams to learn how to implement Chartbeat and use our APIs.

Our previous documentation site deserved an update to reflect the wealth of information our Technical Solutions team has added over the years. So, we rewrote and edited every page and made sure you could not only find them on our site, but also in your favorite search engine. 

Chartbeat Docs before:

We also wanted to be sure we structured everything for a broad range of developer expertise in order to make implementing Chartbeat even simpler and more straightforward.

Chartbeat Docs after:

How can Chartbeat Docs help my technical team implement features faster?

Chartbeat Docs makes it easy to see our separate integration instructions for all platforms:

Each section is designed to give your technical teams a step-by-step guide to integrating Chartbeat across all platforms.

Can Docs get Chartbeat up and running faster across my site?

We think so! We aimed to create new DIY integration QA instruction articles for each unique Chartbeat implementation. While the goal is to get you up and running faster, we know you may need some support — our Technical Solutions team is always here to help.

And, in the case you have further questions, our Help Center product guides and articles for common integration and troubleshooting questions (more on this below) are always here to supplement those instructions.

Product guides: Using Chartbeat

Troubleshooting: Integration FAQs

Can this help me access Chartbeat APIs?

We know our customers want access to their data for analysis and to build their own tools, say, article recommendation modules. Chartbeat Docs now has guides on using our Real-Time and Historical APIs, including sample responses and detailed metrics definitions. In addition, we’ve assembled more detailed instructions on creating and managing recurring historical API calls for clients that have our Advanced Queries tools.

Chartbeat Help: What’s new?

While we have always aimed to make Chartbeat’s Help Center a bountiful resource of comprehensive guides and FAQs, we thought the homepage could use a facelift. We also highlighted a few areas where many of you have needed us most, analyzing our own data to see where we could improve the user experience, which is why we ultimately chose to:

  • Incorporate more visual elements
  • Increase the visibility of the site’s offerings

Chartbeat Help before:

Chartbeat Help after:

Looking for answers doesn’t need to be a painful experience. That’s why the guiding principle of our visual goals was to expand the page’s dynamism in order to engage and support Chartbeat users. The experience should also match our values of making data and information more accessible to you and your team, which is why we created:

1. More tools to democratize data across your organization

To increase visibility of our resources, we highlighted some of our most common requests as well as clear suggestions based on our data behind your frequent searches. We also added a short summary to each category card (see below) to help you find the information you need faster.

2. Quickstart guides to getting the most out of Chartbeat

To ensure we’re reducing any hurdles to getting set up with or learning more about Chartbeat, the Help Center contains articles such as:

The content above reflects the broad spectrum of Chartbeat users — from those just getting started to power users — but similar in that any visitor could easily find and choose the right path for what they need.

3. New FAQs and updates that grow with you

We called in the expertise of our Product Design team to help reimagine our FAQs for the best user experience possible. 

That said, we’re constantly updating and publishing new content in response to the growing sophistication and needs of our clients. We hear you — and this is just the beginning.

Chartbeat Docs and Help sites are here for you

The new Docs and Help site experiences are now live and here for all your support needs. A friendly reminder to bookmark docs.chartbeat.com and help.chartbeat.com for any future support questions you may have.

Otherwise, we encourage you to give it a spin and let us know if there’s anything you’d like to learn more about or see included as we continue to optimize it for your evolving needs.

And, while we think we’ve made it a lot easier to find everything you need in our new look sites, we’re still always here for you at support@chartbeat.com just in case.

Interested in learning more about Chartbeat? Request a free demo.

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