Audience Data You Need: New Audience and Subscriber Reports, Real-Time Metrics

As pandemic-era unpredictability has made it ever more difficult to rely on ad revenue, publishers have had to amp up their reader-revenue and subscription strategies as quickly as possible. 

That’s meant increases in subscriptions, in readership — and accordingly, in valuable data on what content drove revenue from readers, which editorial teams could use in making strategic decisions. 

But what good is data if you can’t get to it? Until now, users weren’t able to access this kind of segment-specific engagement data and create a content strategy rooted in behavioral trends.

That’s why we’re rolling out new features designed to help users who need an easy, automated way to understand audience and subscriber behavior.

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New Subscriber Metrics in the Real-Time Dashboard

In-depth data on important readers — your subscribers

You now have the option to see how your stories are performing across different subscriber types with our new Subscriber Pageview and Registered Pageview metrics. 

These metrics enhance your Real-Time Dashboard by giving you the ability to make swifter paywalling, offer, and channel-promotion decisions that will move readers through the conversion funnel. 

We’re also rolling out two new metrics — Quality Pageviews and New Visitor Pageviews — that add additional real-time insight into which articles are engaging readers and which ones are drawing in new visitors.

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Chartbeat Audience Behavior Report

See what’s connecting with your audience 

Our new Audience Report gives you a daily breakdown of high-level performance metrics, providing your team with a quick, up-to-date alignment on which content is performing best with different segments of your audience. 

The Audience Report also provides breakouts of engaged minutes by device type, loyalty, and traffic source for each subscriber type, and highlights their top five stories each day.

Chartbeat Subscriber Engagement Report

Daily insights into reader behavior 

For teams that need to make data-driven decisions every day, our new Subscriber Report offers unique insights about revenue-generating reader behavior that can help them set their content strategy.

View total engaged minutes, pageviews, and average engaged time for each of the top 10 performing articles for your subscribers, as well as a trendline of subscriber engagement throughout the day, with engaged minutes broken out by traffic source.

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