Listening to the Data

As a former sound studies student and radio/music/audio geek, I tend to think a lot about the various aural phenomena I confront on a daily basis. On the job, it’s…

by David
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Weibo is the New Black: Media Trends in China

For the first eighteen months out of college, I was lucky enough to live and work in Hong Kong. Food, local customs, and celebrating holidays were the obvious areas that…

by Libby
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If Content Is King, Why Is Content Creation Broken?

“Content is king” has been a long standing proclamation by large and small publishers alike. With brands rapidly turning to content marketing as the Next Big Thing, the familiar phrase…

by Joe
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Why I’m Feeling Bullish about Small and Medium Publishers

I have a pretty incredible job. I spend my working hours reaching out to and talking with interesting people (editors, executives, audience development folks, social media people) at publishing and…

by Sammy
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Is the Future of Online Publishing in South America?

In my time at Chartbeat, I’ve seen some pretty exciting stuff from publishers across the world. It’s been awesome to see some of the largest news sites move away from…

by Ben M.
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Tony Haile, Live at The Guardian’s Changing Media Summit

A few Chartteam members are in London this week for The Guardian’s Changing Media Summit. We’re having a blast seeing old friends and meeting new folks as they stop by…

by Juliana
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