Week of October 5 We’re all about attention. Here are a few stories from the week that captured ours. Good design is good businessHugo Sarrazin + John Maeda | McKinsey & Company | October 5   (8 minute video) “The advent of mobile is fundamentally changing the need to think about design, the interaction, and the experience […] Keep reading
The refrain is that when it comes to mobile the open web has had its moment and just can’t compete in a world of apps. While apps and the content within those apps (like Facebook’s Instant Articles) load blisteringly fast for a seamless user experience, the open mobile web is lethargic at best, weighted down […] Keep reading
My headphones are in, and I’m listening to Jóhann Jóhannsson’s The Miners’ Hymns — one of my favorite albums for coding. I’m finishing up an API for our new Heads Up Display (HUD), for which I’d worked out the math a few days earlier. I had spent the previous day figuring out how to implement […] Keep reading
Week of September 28 We’re all about attention. Here are a few stories from the week that captured ours. National Advertising Division Annual Conference Keynote AddressCommissioner Julie Brill | Better Business Bureau | September 28     (10 minute read) “For over fifteen years now, the Federal Trade Commission has pushed for more consumer control over […] Keep reading

Last Week at ONA15

September 28th, 2015 by Chris

ONA is always a blast, but Chartbeat had an especially great time this year in Los Angeles. It was, as you might say, hella rad. Our team loved hanging with you in the Midway, talking about audience building in Pacific Palisades, and meeting some of the coolest digital journalists and editors out there. Thanks for […] Keep reading