This article was originally published on DCN. Download the full study here.   Does improving page load time positively impact readership?The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project was launched in February 2016 to address both the increasing bloat of web pages and the subsequent consequences of a diminished user experience for readers, publishers, and advertisers. By […] Keep reading
Today, Chartbeat celebrates World Press Freedom Day and journalists around the globe. As part of our commemoration, we wanted to spotlight 14 examples – gathered and curated directly from the Chartbeat team – of critical stories that may not have seen the light of day without the efforts of courageous reporters and editors. These stories drive […] Keep reading
According to recent Chartbeat research, the answer is no.  The different ways a visitor can land on your content influence not only what they read, but also how they read. Recent research from Chartbeat shows that people exhibit different content consumption behaviors when coming from external platforms like Facebook and Google than when already on […] Keep reading
In a time of ongoing uncertainty about how content is distributed, consumed, and shared, it’s critical that publishers and newsrooms everywhere understand audience behavior across platforms, devices, and channels. At Chartbeat, we’re working every day to ensure you have the data and insights you need to do just that.That’s why we’re excited to announce the […] Keep reading
(Yes, we know we’re a day late – yesterday was a day without women, after all.)Yesterday and every day, we salute the women of Chartbeat and beyond. First, let’s highlight a few organizations that promote women in journalism. Supporting women in media is increasingly important, and we salute you for all the work you do: The International […] Keep reading