Today is the best kind of day at Chartbeat. Because today, we get to share with the world some of the wonderful and insanely cool things our Product, Engineering, and Design mavens have been cooking up. Get ready. It’s gonna be a good one.This week, we’ll be digging into the beta version of the new […] Keep reading
Writing a catchy headline that captures the attention of your audiences is, without question, an art form. As demonstrated in this headline, blindly following guidelines can lead to copy that sounds cliché at best, and actively off-putting at worst. Still, effective headline writing can make quite a difference in the success of your content — […] Keep reading
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An advantage of working at Chartbeat is that one has no shortage of data from which to derive insight. Our growth over the last year has meant we now track almost half a trillion events per month. This enables us to deeply understand patterns of user behaviour in 60 countries and across 50,000 websites. It […] Keep reading
Week of October 26 We’re all about attention. Here are a few stories from the week that captured ours. Keep reading