Holiday Content Trends Unwrapped

The following is an excerpt from our new holiday content trends report with Tubular Labs. In this report, you’ll unlock the holiday magic of content insights that supercharge your on-site and social strategies. Download the full report here.

Holiday Cooking: When, Where, and What to Post

Holiday meals usually consist of traditional dishes like turkey and Christmas pudding that are served year after year. That doesn’t mean that audiences aren’t saving room for new and exciting creations from unlikely partners. Blend tradition with innovation to capture more attention this holiday season.

Whitespace opportunities: Emerging holiday cooking trends

Tubular’s AI learning model constantly uncovers new trends and provides over a million Topics within 1500+ larger video Categories. Looking at Holiday Food & Drink, we can understand evolving audience preferences and uncover whitespace opportunities within this category by weighing uploads against viewership.

The Holiday Cooking topics that land in the upper left quadrant of the graph have high viewership demand and low content supply. This combination increases a video’s visibility, meaning you can leverage topics like desserts, snacks, and cheese to cut through the clutter on social media.

What’s cooking on-site: Popular recipe topics & when to post

Leading up to Thanksgiving, most on-site holiday recipe traffic comes from social media. Traffic starts climbing on Thanksgiving day and then peaks on Christmas at over 3.5 million pageviews. While audiences turn to social for more innovative holiday recipes, 64% of on-site traffic centers around the main event: dinner!

Our takeaway: Save your creative concoctions for social media, as traditional holiday dinner recipes with key terms like “turkey” and “roast potato” perform better on site.

Not just turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes…

Not all holiday recipes are gravy and cranberry sauce. In fact, a Ritz Crackers collaboration became the most watched holiday recipe video of the year in 2022 with over 52.6M views on TikTok. To boost their strategy, the brand strategically partnered with a popular creator who appeared on MasterChef Junior.

Betty Crocker isn’t the only food brand that can benefit from holiday cooking. Snack brands aren’t typically incorporated into holiday recipes but Ritz was able to participate in Holiday Cooking content and win millions of views by partnering with a cooking creator who reaches their target audience.

Interested in more data and insights to help kick off your holiday season? Download our full report on holiday content trends here.

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