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chartbeat annual report


2013 was a pretty fantastic year for online publishing. You hit huge concurrent numbers and created some amazing content that kept readers coming back for more.

As a thank you for including Chartbeat in your year, we wanted to pull together some aggregated data highlights for you to celebrate because, let’s face it, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Check out the 2013 Chartbeat Annual Report here.

Ever wonder what’s going on with all of the web content across the entire Chartbeat network? We wondered too. Questions like, how many articles are being posted online per day and where is all that awesome traffic coming from, kept running through our heads.

So, this Hack Week we gathered our data scientists and got to the bottom of it because we just couldn’t help ourselves. We weren’t disappointed with what we found and we hope you aren’t either.

Click the infographic to see it in its full glory – and please share it with your friends and fellow data nerds!

chartbeat infographic

At Chartbeat, we love hearing all the cool, crazy, smart, and quirky things our clients, partners, and pals have to say about us. We’re constantly looking for awesome ways to reach and be reached and Twitter has definitely been a great help for us in terms of keeping in touch with all of you beautiful people out there. We wanted to share out some of the tweet love – check below for a grab bag of some of our favorite tweets of the summer so far:





With us, there is no such thing as over-communication, so keep those tweets coming! And who knows, you might even make our next edition. If you’re not following us on Twitter, check us out here.

Webinar topic: Understanding how to leverage your video inventory and build a loyal audience

Great video content is a huge aspect of your site’s overall health – that much is clear, but what’s the strategy for something that hasn’t traditionally had a strategy in the past? In last month’s awesome webinar we went over ways to get the most of out of your existing video library and covered topics ranging from helping underperforming videos find new audiences to getting maximum ROI out of existing videos. Check out the webinar below, and feel free to suggest future webinar topics in the Comments section below.

Our awesome webinar leaders

Joe Alicata joined the Chartteam in 2013 after several impressive years as ESPN’s Senior Director of Product Development. At ESPN, Joe led teams that created a variety of innovative apps and video platforms that vastly expanded the scope of ESPN’s digital presence. His experiences bring a progressive, industry insider’s perspective to his responsibilities as Principal Product Owner of Chartbeat Publishing.

Doug Benedicto came to Chartbeat in 2012. He’s now the team lead for the Chartcorps, where he serves as one of our product and industry experts, having spent extensive time working with editorial staff at every sort of content publisher big and small.

 PS- Check out our new Chartbeat Publishing Video Dashboard!

(2) Social Media Week New York

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending Other Ways of Being Social Around the News, a Social Media Week event hosted by our friends at The Guardian.

The awesomely all-female panel of Elena Haliczer from the Huffington Post, Lauren Bertolini from Gawker, Ruth Spencer from The Guardian, Libby Brittain from one of our favorite startups Branch, with The Guardian’s Amanda Michel moderating discussed the importance of social commenting within news stories.

The conversation centered mainly around engaging your audience – specifically figuring out a way to have meaningful discussions in forums and comments within the content itself.

Some of the best advice these ladies shared:

You gotta get in the game yourself.

Journalists who interact with their readers through social media, comment bars, and forums typically have a more loyal and engaged readership. Makes sense, right?

Connect with the people who care about what you care about; you’ll get fresh perspectives on your work, and often spark some ideas on new content for you to create. Inspired content and a loyal audience. It’s the whole reason you got in this business.

Comments are windows to your strengths and opportunities

Lauren Bertolini pointed out comments often expose the material that people actually read. What parts were most interesting, controversial, confusing. Comments are like having an instant focus group on your work.

She used Nick Denton, founder of Gawker, as a prime example: He leaves his writers notes in the comments bar starting a meaningful discussion between the editor and writer and reader.

Put the data to work.

Pay attention to your best-liked posts, your least-liked posts and everything in between to further build your own brand as a writer. Not only to watch yourself and your audience grow and evolve over time – but in the moment, as it happens.

News is never done in this online world, if comments are picking up steam right now take advantage and create new content around what’s resonating most with your readers. 

While it would have been great to have had more time to talk about engagement beyond just comments, since that’s what we focus on every day at Chartbeat, I learned a lot about new ways journalists are getting even closer with their readers.

And my favorite part? Every panelist suggested distinctly different systems and algorithms to keep discussion clean and meaningful. Data nerds unite!