When you work with as much data as we do—and trust me, it’s a lot—it’s humbling to show off the actual journalistic output we support. So, we’ve compiled a list of the 20 stories that held your attention longest in 2015 — for a grand total of 685,231,333 Engaged Minutes (or more than 1,300 years). […] Keep reading
How is Iran framed by the media? Is it the nuclear Iran, the religious Iran, or the oil-rich Iran? The contemporary Iran flourishing with cinema or the ancient empire of Persia?It goes without saying that global media perceptions of Iran are multivalent, myriad, and always evolving. To investigate those perceptions, in all their complexity, is […] Keep reading
Chartbeat Separation Anxiety (CSA) is real. We understand. But fear not. We’ve got a little present for you just in time for the holidays. Say hello to the new Slack + Chartbeat Publishing integration. The DeetsWhy yes, this does mean your real-time Chartbeat data delivered right to the Slack channel(s) of your choosing. Slash Command […] Keep reading
Today, I’m thrilled to finally announce that Betsy Morgan, former CEO of The Huffington Post and most recently CEO of TheBlaze, is joining the Chartbeat Board of Directors.I say finally because it feels as though Betsy has been advising me and Chartbeat since day one. She’s been an incredible partner, sharing her experience and expertise […] Keep reading
“Culture is accretive. It changes and becomes richer and more nuanced as every single person coming into a company adds a thread to its tapestry. That’s what makes a true company culture. It’s not: Can you become homogenous? It’s: Can you come here and give your best?” — Tony Haile Keep reading