Big Board is Back

January 28th, 2016 by Adam

We like Big Boards, and we cannot lie. Got one on display in your newsroom? Tweet us a shot of your #bigboards in action. . . . and better than ever. Big Board has always been one of our favorite ways to display data — a leaderboard-style visualization of your site’s most important stats. So today, […] Keep reading
Beginning several days ago (the evening of Tuesday, 1/20, to be precise), you may have noticed a significant increase in the traffic on your site from LinkedIn: across our network, traffic from increased by over 3x. Below, we’ll detail why that change occurred, and what publishers should expect going forward.Over the past year, publishers […] Keep reading
Yesterday, Chartbeat’s CEO and IRONMAN-in-residence, Tony Haile chatted it up on Traction, a podcast from NextView. In the episode, Tony and Jay Acunzo discuss the perils of measuring with pageviews, the importance of quality storytelling in an internet rife with clickbait, and Star Wars.You’ll also learn: Tips for content-driven platforms wanting to rethink their data […] Keep reading
Consumption of news video online has been on the rise for years, in terms of both time spent watching and percentage of news consumers who watch. This trend is expected to continue. Accordingly, revenue from video display ads has also increased, and at a faster rate than for any other display category. In this post, […] Keep reading
Since we launched the first version of Report Builder last year, we’ve had a whole bunch of great conversations with our partners — large and small, from New York to Tokyo. We’ve heard them kvell. We’ve heard them kvetch. And what’s become unequivocally clear is that newsrooms are embracing historical data faster than ever before.So […] Keep reading