How Engaged Time Affects Reading Comprehension

December 22nd, 2014 by Chris

We recently got an interesting question from a client about the connection between engaged time and understanding in news articles. A priori, one may think that there should be a strong correlation–someone quickly skimming through an article should not be expected to retain as much as someone carefully reading–but there are some reasons this might […] Keep reading

It’s About Time Party Recap

December 17th, 2014 by Juliana

Chartbeat loves any excuse to party, and last Thursday, December 11th was no different: We got together with the Financial Times to co-host a party feting time and attention in digital advertising. There’s been a lot of discussions in the digital media landscape this year around moving past the click, valuing attention and using time […] Keep reading

The State of Dark Social in 2014

December 4th, 2014 by Chris

Here at Chartbeat, we have a long history of trying to shed light on the sources of your traffic. Since 2012, we’ve helped illuminate the phenomenon known as dark social—where traffic is likely to come from social sources, yet lacks explicit referrer attribution. Two years later, Internet traffic looks a lot different than it previously […] Keep reading

Metrics 101: Average Active Exposure Time

November 11th, 2014 by Alexandra

As part of our larger efforts to help build an Attention Economy—in which success is measured not by clicks and page views but by time and audience attention earned—we’ve publicly released our Description of Methodology, which outlines the measurement process on which Chartbeat’s MRC accreditation is based.Given that the Description of Methodology document is a […] Keep reading

Economics of Ad Refreshing

November 5th, 2014 by Justin

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared in the fall 2014 issue of the Chartbeat Quarterly, our once-a-season data science magazine. When a television program goes to commercial break, we see a series of 30-second spots, rather than one continuous advert. That three minutes of commercial time generates more collective value to advertisers when it’s split up […] Keep reading