In a time of ongoing uncertainty about how content is distributed, consumed, and shared, it’s critical that publishers and newsrooms everywhere understand audience behavior across platforms, devices, and channels. At Chartbeat, we’re working every day to ensure you have the data and insights you need to do just that.That’s why we’re excited to announce the […] Keep reading
(Yes, we know we’re a day late – yesterday was a day without women, after all.)Yesterday and every day, we salute the women of Chartbeat and beyond. First, let’s highlight a few organizations that promote women in journalism. Supporting women in media is increasingly important, and we salute you for all the work you do: The International […] Keep reading
We love hearing stories from our customers about how they “Chartbeat.” That’s why when we read this article about how our friends at Jalopnik, a Gizmodo Media Group publication, looked to Chartbeat during the Daytona 500 to understand consumer reaction (or confusion) over the newly released NASCAR rules, we had to post it. Check out the […] Keep reading
This week, we partnered with The New York Times – The Upshot on a study of supply and demand in the news. Essentially, we sought to uncover how many articles news organizations wrote about a given event compared to the demand for these articles among their readers, measured by Engaged Time.In a time of “alternative […] Keep reading

Headline Test to Success

February 13th, 2017 by Jill

In case you missed it, we recently held a live webinar on how to optimize your homepage and use Engaged Headline Testing to its full advantage. Check out the recording here.We all know that a headline can make or break your stories, but given all the competition for reader attention, your ability to write engaging […] Keep reading