Reader engagement trends in Asia and beyond: Chartbeat at Splice Beta

Last week, the Chartbeat team traveled to Thailand to present a deep dive into reader engagement trends across Asia at the Splice Beta conference.

Account Executive Jacob Anderson (pictured above) covered the gamut of editorial insights—engagement, loyalty, and referrals throughout the continent—and compared them to the trends we’re seeing throughout the rest of the world.

Here, we’ve pulled some of the key audience insights from Jacob’s presentation. See below for a video of the presentation via The Splice Newsroom.

Reader Engagement in Asia: Key Findings

  • Mobile reader engagement vastly outweighs desktop and tablet usage across Asia, with readers coming in through mobile devices about 63% of the time from May 2018 through April. Mobile has also jumped in Southeast Asia— up to 72% in April 2019 from 67% in May 2018.
  • Globally, Google Search outperforms Facebook as a source of referred traffic, continuing to hold steady through March while Facebook declines slightly. Filtering that dataset for Asia, Google saw an uptick in referrals across the continent at the expense of Facebook, which fell to approximately 10% of pageview referrals from 15% last year. We’ve previously highlighted newer referral sources originating from Asia.
  • On average, Asia-based engagement remained flat between May 2018 to April 2019, coming in around 28 seconds. Filtering for Southeast Asia showed between 32 and 37 seconds in engaged time on average.
  • Reader loyalty across Asia been fairly flat at around the 32% between May 2018 and April.

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