Data, platforms, and subscriptions: What you read (by Total Engaged Time) in 2019

In December, we showed you where readers spent over 294 billion minutes of Total Engaged Time through our 100 Most Engaging Stories.

We also took this as an opportunity to look at our own Historical Dashboard and look back at what resonated with our audiences based on Total Engaged Time.

Here, a brief summary of the topics that kept you engaged in 2019.

Referral sources tops in Total Engaged Time

Our 2019 data showed that readers were most interested in current and emerging referral sources, continuing a trend we’ve seen the past few years. Two of the most engaging posts on those topics were:

Mobile aggregators: The next major source of referral traffic

A Chinese news app is quietly referring millions of pageviews — here’s how global publishers can take advantage

Subscriptions, reader revenue models top of mind

Reader revenue was another major area of audience engagement. On average, you spent more than half a minute reading our early takeaways from subscriptions research. Other high engagement posts on this topic included:

Channels, conversions, and churn: Why better mobile UX is key for subscriber revenue

Solving for subscriptions: How the Membership Puzzle Project addresses the paid vs non-paid divide

Platform-based trends engaged audiences in 2019

Posts that include major platforms such as Facebook and Google data tend to draw a lot reader interest. These posts, drawn from our annual Global State of Reader Engagement, especially caught your attention: 

Facebook traffic bounces back: What to make of the platform’s recovery

The new Google News: How recent changes affect referral traffic data

Reader engagement in 2020

This year, we’ll continue providing actionable insights that help you improve reader engagement, decoding platform-based traffic trends, and informing strategy in a changing media landscape. Stay tuned.

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