Chartbeat Acquires Lineup Systems and Tubular Labs to Help Media Companies Grow Reach and Revenue

This is an exciting one. We are thrilled to welcome Lineup Systems and Tubular Labs to Chartbeat.

Many of our customers use a combination of these tools, but for those of you who have yet to meet these industry leaders, Lineup is a bespoke tool for providing media companies with revenue management software, and Tubular is a comprehensive analytics solution that delivers a unified view of the interests and behaviors of social video audiences. These acquisitions mean that Chartbeat now gives media enterprises a single set of tools and services to bolster relationships with users at every step of the journey.

Digital publishers have no shortage of stories to tell. If anyone knows this it is Chartbeat and our new brands Lineup and Tubular. Each of us has been a leader in media technology for more than a decade.  Each team deeply understands the challenges media organizations have in defining the audience who need to hear these stories, engaging users in a meaningful way, and building value advertisers and loyalists will pay for.

To date, media software has been siloed into one group of tools for “editorial” and another for “revenue.” We are seeing and hearing directly from our clients that these silos are collapsing. Editorial and Revenue teams are increasingly working together and looking for better tools to understand the collective impact of reach and revenue. Adding Lineup and Tubular to the Chartbeat toolkit fully equips our clients’ teams with a cutting-edge technological answer at every part of the reader journey.

Publishers are also diversifying revenue streams. The Reuters Institute tells us that publishers will each have at least three different revenue streams this year. With these acquisitions, Chartbeat will better support media companies as they find these new pathways to growth — from memberships and subscriptions to content licensing and advertising.

Here’s why I’m excited about each of these businesses:

Lineup, with its deep knowledge and rich feature-set designed to empower media organizations, will advance our customers’ ability to diversify those revenue streams. Lineup bridges the gap between the past and the future – connecting print and digital ad point solutions, and bringing together advertising department workflows with digital reader-revenue and membership workflows.

Tubular, like Chartbeat, has a unique solution for measuring and understanding content. Their expertise in offsite video performance will help us further connect audience and content while expanding the ecosystem into which we can provide insights to organizations who have invested in video. Chartbeat and Tubular together will help clients further reach and develop audiences and revenue streams.

Together, we’re serving 1000+ media brands in more than 70 countries across the world, including some of the world’s most influential content publishers, including The New York Times, the BBC, ESPN, Gannett, Vox, BuzzFeed, Paramount, WB, Mediahuis, Hearst, McClatchy, and GQ.

So what changes for you, our customers, today? Nothing. You get the same tools and the same great service you’ve always had. And in the future? We hope to make these tools and services you rely on faster to insight, easier to act on, and a touch more clever every day.

Big thanks are in order. To our customers and users, thank you for your partnership, your storytelling and your impact. It’s what drives us each day. To our board and investors at Cuadrilla Capital, thank you for your support and counsel. To our team, both those joining us today and those who have been with us for a decade, thank you for your hard work and belief in our mission, vision and values. This is going to be fun.

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