Breaking 2 million!

January 14th, 2011 by Tony

Breaking 2 million

After chartbeat launched in April 2009 it took us 16 months to get to the point where we were recording the digital heartbeat of more than one million people at any one time. I’m psyched to be able to say that just five months later we have hit two million simultaneous visitors. That’s not two million in the course of a day or an hour, that’s two million people concurrently at a single moment in time.

Thank you to all our incredible partners who’ve helped us get here, had the courage to try something radically new and given us so much advice and guidance; we wouldn’t be here without you.

5 Responses

  • are you guys still running on amazon and using nginx to front your servers?

    • Yes, we continue to use Amazon Web Services and Nginx.

      • dang that’s cool!
        it would be awesome if you guys could talk about your setup, how you have things running, how you use and manage your amazon setup, some other cool things etc.
        i think HighScalability blog would be a great place to post this kind of stuff.