Celebrating your Chartbeat triumphs

One of the most exciting things about having chartbeat running on your site is that moment when your traffic goes nuts and you can watch it unfold on your dashboard. Busting through your 30-day traffic high is a great feeling.

Even we at chartbeat aren’t immune to it.

Immediately after the earthquake rattled the Northeast a couple of weeks ago, everyone at chartbeat HQ dropped what they were doing to gather around the “total total” dial we display on a big monitor in the center of our office. The “total total” shows cumulative traffic across every site running chartbeat and we all wanted to know, “Would the earthquake news drive enough traffic to break our previous record?”

As people across the east coast, and then across the rest of the country, went online to find out what happened, traffic to chartbeat sites went through the roof. In less than 10 minutes, we zoomed past our previous all-time high.

As we cheered, did the requisite high fives (we really like high fives around here), and tweeted links to our new record-breaking dial, it made me think of other people who have shared similar chartbeat triumphs.

From new 30-day traffic highs, to watching a product launch take off, it’s exciting to see pictures of companies gathered around their dashboards or screenshots of dials, dashboards, and big boards being shared with the world via Twitter, tumblr, and flickr.

To continue in this spirit of celebration, we’ve started a gallery to capture these publicly shared chartbeat moments. Head over to http://gallery.chartbeat.com to check out how people are displaying chartbeat in their offices and sharing their chartbeat triumphs with the world.

And if you have your chartbeat data displayed in your office or want to share a photo of one of your exciting chartbeat moments, we’d love to add it to the gallery! Just send me an email at dawn@chartbeat.com or post it on Twitter.

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