Apps We Love

July 16th, 2013 by Doug

At Chartbeat, we all have various apps and browser extensions we love. Whether we build products, crunch data, or work with our clients, we latch onto anything that makes things just that little bit faster, easier, or just generally better. This is by no means an exhaustive list of our favorites – if you have some apps you think we should check out, post them in the comments!
TL; DR: My personal favorites
Chartbeat favs: e-mail, chat, calendar

Boomerang (Gmail - Chrome, Firefox) - My favorite thing right now, a Gmail extension to wrangle your inbox. Schedule e-mails to be sent on a certain day if you haven’t gotten a reply, or schedule a thread to pop back into your inbox if you haven’t gotten a response.

Rapportive (Gmail - Chrome, Firefox, Safari) - Another Gmail extension, but this one tells you who you’re talking to by pulling their info directly from LinkedIn and other networking sites.

HipChat (in-browser, Mac, Windows, Linux) - Our chat app of choice. In our setup, we have rooms dedicated to general BS, our different teams, and formerly a bizarre one for posting and rating photos of birds (RIP Chartbeat Ornithology). It also allows API integration, and the creation of scriptable bots with Hubot.HootSuite and Tweetdeck (in-browser, Mac, Windows)- Great, simple Twitter platformsSunrise (iOS) - Just a great Google calendar app for your iPhone
Chartbeat favs: development and troubleshooting
Asana (in-browser) - How our teams, especially product and development, manage their projectsSublime Text 2 (Mac, Windows, Linux) - Simple, pretty text editorGitHub - “Online project hosting using Git. Includes source-code browser, in-line editing, wikis, and ticketing. Free for public open-source code.”VirtualBox - Run virtual machines to test things out on other operating systemsEdit this cookie (Chrome) - Deleting, adding, and editing cookiesJSONView (Chrome, Firefox) - Prettifies JSON returns. Super handy if you’re an API user.User-Agent Switcher (Chrome) - Quickly view a page as a user on another browser. Especially handy if you need to check a mobile site (as long as the switch is based on user agent).Window Resizer (Chrome)- A Chrome extension to easily resize your window to text different resolutions
Chartbeat favs: overall productivity apps
Evernote (Mac, Windows, mobile, in-browser) - Save all your notes and sync them to everythingMonosnap, Skitch, and Droplr (Mac, Windows, mobile) - Easy ways to take and annotate screenshotsAlfred (Mac) - Search anything on your Mac or enter quick commandsDivvy (Mac, Windows) and Moom (Mac) - Better window management and repositioningIFTTT - If this then that. Want to get a text based on the weather? Automatically save Facebook photos you’re tagged in to Google Drive? Tons of trigger and action combinations to choose from.
Chartbeat favs: General life
Venmo (mobile) - App for easily exchanging money to friends. Makes grabbing food or drinks super easy. Use it. Make your friends use it.Pocket and Instapaper (in-browser, mobile) - No time to read an article? Save it for later.GroupMe (mobile) - Group text messaging. Download the actual app, as using it purely through SMS gets confusing.Poncho (browser, mobile) - A daily weather text or email. Critical during this summer of surprise rainstorms.Spotify, rdio, Songza - Music, music, and more music. Check out the Chartbeat Spotify app.Steam (Mac, Windows, Linux) - I play games. I couldn’t not mention Steam.