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The last two years haven’t been an easy time to be a professional–let alone a parent, sibling, or friend–and it’s opened our eyes about what we at Chartbeat, as well as colleagues across many different industries, want from our relationship with work. 

For many of us, these reflections have centered around the benefits of flexible work options, and though we miss seeing all of our friends (not to mention Chartpups) in the office, it’s prompted us to explore the best way to thoughtfully and proactively incorporate remote work into our organization. 

That’s why, after conducting an employee survey, hosting two roundtables, and spending a number of late nights with industry research, we formally introduced our new policy of Chartbeat from Anywhere in October of 2021. 

What is Chartbeat from Anywhere?

Chartbeat has history in New York. We were founded here, our headquarters are still in Manhattan, and many of our employees live in the metropolitan area. Our future, however, reaches much further, and that starts with the happiness and health of our team. 

We’ve always been an organization that’s allowed flexibility around working outside the office or stepping away from your desk for appointments and other obligations, but we realized there’s a difference between tacit approval and committing to a company-wide policy that works a little differently for everyone while still driving the business forward.

That’s why we’ve made it a priority to create a dynamic and flexible framework that elevates remote work and office work to the same standing so that every team member can contribute to shared goals no matter where they are. “We’ve always been a ‘get stuff done’ culture and not one based on face-time,” said CEO John Saroff.  “Allowing the team to work wherever it wants is a natural extension of that cultural touchstone.” 

This hasn’t happened overnight, though. We’ve worked hard to find alignment on big picture goals and keep communication about the processes, documentation, and workflows that power our progress open and accessible. In doing so, it’s made us a stronger organization as our team grows across the country.

What are employees saying?

WFH Setup

The best part of Chartbeat from Anywhere is how each employee, regardless of their role and location, can adapt it to suit their needs. With a full quarter of new flexibility under our belts, we checked in with employees near and far to see how their days have changed.

Corinna, a Technical Support Engineer, started her tenure at Chartbeat hundreds of miles from New York City. She reports, “Compared to previous in-office jobs, this setup is awesome! We make great use of Slack and Google Meet, both of which allow me to stay connected with my coworkers and the rest of the company, and the flexibility has allowed me to be able to walk around my neighborhood, order from my favorite local eateries, and eliminate commute times!”

Deepthi, our VP of Engineering, joined as a remote employee in 2020. “I can honestly say that I sometimes forget that I have not actually met some of our team in-person,” she said. “That speaks to our onboarding process which I think is really robust given the size of our teams.” Her favorite part of Chartbeat from Anywhere? “I do not fear school snow days anymore. As a parent, this is a luxury.” 

Jacob, a Senior Account Executive, has taken full advantage of the new policy with his move to Portland, Oregon. “I think I saw the writing on the wall that this was the future of work and that I was able to be more productive in fewer working hours from home,” he said. “When I worked in the office I was ALWAYS stressed about making dinner, making sure I had time to take the dog to the park at the bare minimum, let alone work on personal projects or spend time with other people. Now I have substantially more free time to focus on the quality of life for myself, my dog, and my family.”

Where do we go from here?

The best part of Chartbeat from Anywhere is the way in which it equally benefits current employees and future hires. It opens us up to the best possible candidates to join our group of kind, quirky, and hardworking individuals, and it’s allowed the team that’s already here to find the best setup for them, whether that’s moving across the country or upgrading a home office just steps from our company headquarters. 

As our CEO John Saroff notes, “We realized that you don’t have to be “office-first” or “remote-first,” and that you can let people and teams choose what works for them. That’s the spirit of Chartbeat from Anywhere.”

If you’re interested in bringing your full self to our team, wherever you are, we’d love to hear from you. Take a look at our open roles and get in touch!


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