Google Analytics Goes Asynchronous

As you may have read, Google Analytics recently beta-launched asynchronous tracking – an enhancement that we also made to Chartbeat back in October.  The main reason for our switch (as well as Google’s) was to minimize the impact that our code has on your site’s load time.

With asynchronous tracking, the code has been modified to wait until your site has completely finished loading before fetching and running the JavaScript.  This way your site can perform at optimum speed while Chartbeat continues to do what it does best: provide you with sleek & up to the minute real-time analytics. Now that asynchronous tracking has been added, you can use Google Analytics as a complement to Chartbeat without being slowed down.

So, what are your thoughts on Google’s switch to asynchronous tracking?  Have you already installed the updated script?  If so, have you seen a noticeable difference in site speed?  Leave a comment or message us on Twitter (@chartbeat) with your thoughts.

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