We’re in Ad Age: Chartbeat Brings Engaged Time to Advertising

Chartbeat is kicking off this Monday morning with an AdAge piece on our new advertising product, which is currently in beta. After many long hours in the Chartbeat lab – including collaborating with some fantastic Chartbeat Publishing partner sites – we’re thrilled to share some awesomely disruptive correlations between our Engaged Time metric, brand recall, and digital ad placementBy using Engaged Time, publisher sales teams can prove that particular locations on a webpage are more valuable (and thus more monetizable) than previously believed. We think this has great implications for editorial and business teams being able to place higher value on high-engagement, high-quality content overall.

“When it [Chartbeat] looked at 1 million anonymous readers across 10 websites: 66% of the “engaged time” over a 24-hour period happened “below the fold” — or below the part of page that originally showed up in the browser when a reader first opened a page. Not surprisingly, the data analysis also showed that web visitors are only engaged for a few seconds at the top of the page, where the highest-priced ads often sit.”

– Jason Del Rey, AdAge


Check out the full article at AdAge– and get our most recent thoughts on Engaged Time and audience development.

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